Team Building in Batangas Blog!

Playworks has done all types of team building all around Batangas, including well known team building venues like Canyon Cove, Acuatico, Acuaverde, La Luz, and many more.  To remember the great time and learnings, we like to blog about the different companies that have enjoyed a great time team building on a beach in Batangas...

Hamburg Trading's Team Building

May 5, 2016

Hamburg Trading team building at La Luz Beach Resort

On April 23, 2016, Playworks facilitated a team building event for Hamburg Trading at La Luz Beach Resort. As it was the very first time for the company to have a team building, there were of course initial doubts by the management of the usefulness team building prior to the event.  Playworks, the resident team building facilitator at La Luz, was definitely up for the challenge!

Located in Roxas Boulevard in Manila, the Hamburg team loaded their buses early and headed to beautiful La Luz Beach for a great day of team building on the beach!  The morning began with indoor activities and the participants were very quickly engaged. By the time the outdoor activities took place in the afternoon, the teams were very much into the friendly competition and there was much laughter and friendly banter.  Processing after each activity allowed team members to express themselves, analyse team situations, and come to great conclusions to be brought back to the office.

At the end of the day... In his closing remarks, the founder and president admitted that he was convinced that the team building was "effective and was worth the time and money spent" - mission accomplished!  :)