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Playworks has done all types of team building all around Batangas, including well known team building venues like Canyon Cove, Acuatico, Acuaverde, La Luz, and many more.  To remember the great time and learnings, we like to blog about the different companies that have enjoyed a great time team building on a beach in Batangas...

Yondu Unite as One Team Building with Playworks!

August 20, 2016

Yondu 'Unite in Values' Team Building

IT solutions provider Yondu tapped the services of Playworks for a series of values cascade and team building events in La Luz Beach Resort starting on June 16 and ending on August 7. A total of 400+ participants were divided into four batches, each going through one-and-a-half days of fun learning activities.

The indoor activities on the first day focused on Yondu’s four core values: Care Like an Owner, Diversity and Dedication, Customer Centric, and Disrupt the Status Quo. All-new activities were created by Playworks specifically for these values cascade sessions.

A role-playing activity called Bar-Yo challenged participants to answer the question, “What is Yondu?” The Customer Emoji Mapping activity asked participants to identify behaviors that make customers happy and unhappy. An activity called Yo Shopping challenged teams to come up with a unique product or service and present it in a home shopping network infomercial.

Day 2 saw the teams go head-to-head in a series of intense physical games on the beach in a format known as Battlestations! The games were Global Ball, a game of beach volleyball using a 10-foot diameter ball, Dragon Tail, a game where teams try to capture the tail of the opposing team, and Save the President, a variant of dodge ball where one team tries to assassinate a member of the opposing team but that member is protected by a bodyguard.

The activities were capped off with a wacky and fun dance off challenge where teams did their best interpretations of dance hits like “Twerk It Like Miley,” “Sorry,” and “Trumpets.”

Yondu Batch 3

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