Team Building in Batangas Blog!

Playworks has done all types of team building all around Batangas, including well known team building venues like Canyon Cove, Acuatico, Acuaverde, La Luz, and many more.  To remember the great time and learnings, we like to blog about the different companies that have enjoyed a great time team building on a beach in Batangas...

La Luz staff team building kicks off partnership with Playworks

August 5, 2016

On July 27, 2016, La Luz Beach Resort officially gained a new in-house team building facilitation partner in Playworks. On that day, the new relationship kicked off with Playworks facilitating a team building event for most of the La Luz staff.

The participants included many front desk, guest relations, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. They were divided into three teams and competed over a series of indoor activities and intense outdoor games. The indoor games focused on improving staff attitudes toward respect for property and service excellence.

The outdoor activities featured a series of beach head-to-head contests, including Playworks’ signature global ball game, and a race that took the teams all over the resort, including La Luz’s signature floating obstacle course. The event culminated in the resort’s Cove, where the teams competed in a cheering contest to wrap up the friendly competition. 

The day’s festivities ended with socials on the beach under the stars. Over drinks and snacks, La Luz staff and Playworks facilitators celebrated together to toast the bright future of their new partnership.